Community interest is high as the new owners of the former Hardys Bay RSL club (now the Hardys Bay Club), Sandra and Bruce Murray, work towards securing a bright future for the club. Having purchased the property and building with the Hardys Bay Club leasing back part of the facility, they have a vision for the club being one of quality, sustainability as well as securing its future.

They have just rebuilt the kitchen and opened a new quality bistro/restaurant, "Bistro 14" with head chef Damien Battye, previously of the highly acclaimed "Audrey's" at MacMasters Beach. Damien and sous chef Dane have developed an outstanding reputation and following at several high quality restaurants previously.

The renovations and upgrading of facilities continues and will also provide the community and visitors with an exciting new venue for functions and events. Local bands are a regular feature on the weekends along with the return of the meat tray raffles on Friday nights and Jag the Joker.

Coming from the Northern Beaches, and having a very successful business background, Sandra and Bruce also have a residence at MacMasters and see the club as an exciting community project. Bruce is a keen surfer and sportsman and is active in community projects such as "Clean up Australia" where he has been a local convener. Bruce says "utilizing the many local assets is a priority" and has introduced local regional craft beers and Hunter wines. Head chef Damien will also be sourcing as much local produce as possible.

A passionate environmentalist, regenerating the many natural assets which are part of the clubs property is well under way and it is hoped will provide a wonderful and pleasant setting for all. Soon you should be able to have a beer or wine nestled into the rainforest and waterfalls behind the club. Community support of the club, restaurant and events is the key to a long term sustainable future for this prized community asset.

Bistro 14 Chef Damien Battye
"Bistro 14" Chef Damien Battye

Sandra and Murray at Bistro 14 
			opening party
Sanda & Bruce Murray at "Bistro 14" opening party


On Sunday July 6th at Putty Beach the "Frigid Digits" were very excited and honoured to have a visit from Olympic swimming legend Dawn Fraser AO, MBE. Being the champion she is Dawn easily and readily engaged in conversation, signed autographs, posed for photographs and gave of her time in the most generous manner for the very excited members and children who swim with the Digits.

Of particular interest to her was the way the races are conducted in the ocean and she was especially taken with the beautiful and tranquil position of the beach.

All the clubs affiliated with The Australian Winter Swimming Association conduct their races in either ocean baths, tidal or indoor pools, so Dawn was really impressed to see the Winter Swimmers conducting their races in this unique ocean setting.

The Frigid Digits warmly welcome all comers with men, women and children racing together, as all races are based on a handicap system it gives everyone an equal chance of winning.

The club is renowned for its hospitality and friendship so it was no surprise a feast of home made goodies was enjoyed by all.

Dawn Frasers visit was greatly appreciated by all and she was duly presented with a "Frigid Digits" cap to be worn in a future winter swim. A big thank you to Dawn!

On the same weekend twelve members had travelled to Forster to compete in The Northern District Swimming Championships. The water temperature was a chilly 14 degrees but that did not deter the "Frigid Digits" who managed to be placed 5th in the overall point score which was a very pleasing result.

Bryce Cameron won Gold in the 45-49yrs age group and 4th in the final of the hotly contested "Open" against all the "young guns" which was a very exciting race, Bryce just missed out on 3rd place.

Well done also to John Bourne who won Gold in the Presidents race.

The Digits over 70yrs relay, comprising Bob Cochrane, Lex Cameron, Norm Little and Ron Malcolm won Silver and our oldest competing member, Bob Cochrane was 4th in the final of the 75 - 79 yrs age group, Ron Malcolm 5th in the 70 – 74 yrs final. With the most popular race being the "10 person closest to time" relay in which "The Digits" were third. Great results all round.

Winter Swimmers meet 
			swimming legend Dawn French
Winter Swimmers meet swimming legend Dawn French


Recently the HBRG circulated its membership with a request for input on what should be the Gosford Councils priorities for the bay and nearby area. This followed a recent HBRG meeting at which the Gosford Council general manager Mr Paul Anderson gave a presentation concerning his strategic plans for Gosford Council under his stewardship.

Mr Anderson's message to members was that Council would be open to greater input from the community and accordingly, he would welcome input on what were the community's principal priorities.

As expected there has been a significant response, these can be broken into the following categories.

Roads, repair and maintenance of the local roads with particular emphasis on Scenic road from Wards Hill down to Araluen Dr, Araluen Dr itself both east and west and again highlighting the exceptionally poor state of the road at RSL creek bridge.

Mudflat Creek, the need to consolidate on the work done and complete stages 2 & 3

Drainage into the Bay, a need for silt traps to be installed and clearance of the many storm water drains leading into the Bay.

Foreshore improvement, there are a number of issues under this heading, safety along the foreshore wall, extension of the wall, upgrading of existing picnic tables, improving the lawn area of the reserve.

Widening of Araluen Dr, this to allow for safer parallel parking from RSL creek to the village center.

Members of the HBRG executive committee will be meeting with Mr Anderson in the near future and will be highlighting these issues as the priority and focus for council. There were also many individual issues raised which will also be put to the GM on behalf of members.


Some local residents are in the process of developing a not-for-profit organisation within the Wagstaffe to Killcare community whose purposes are charitable and for the public benefit. "Killy Cares" is the name of this proposed charity which is being established as an incorporated association so as to provide structure, permanence and appropriate governance.

This initiative is being steered in its early stages by local residents Cathy Baker, Sarah Bolt, Stephen Hinks and Brent Walker.

The Constitution which Stephen has drafted for Killy Cares anticipates having a membership of people who might be willing to assist the charity achieve its Objects. So interested people may contribute for example their time, resources, professional expertise, or make a financial contribution, in order to assist those within our community who are recognisably in need of support.

Details of the membership drive will be announced at the forthcoming launch of the charity. The proposed launch date is a lunch on 29 August.

Chartered accountants Paul Booth and Amy Mitchell from the Umina chartered accounting firm Harmer, Cassin, Davis and Booth are assisting in the incorporation and application for certain tax concessions for the new charity. Paul has agreed that he will provide ongoing accounting and audit services. This firm has generously offered its services on a pro bono basis because Paul recognises the public benefit of this gesture.

Local lawyer Alan Bennett is also assisting Killy Cares on a pro bono basis by formulating appropriate policies, practices and procedures to ensure that any fundraising conducted by the new charity is compliant with government regulations and that the charity has appropriate governance and accountability mechanisms.

Examples of how Killy Cares will help local residents include: the provision of meals or food to those who need such assistance because of sickness or other reasons. It also proposes to provide practical assistance to the elderly or disabled in need of transport, shopping, house cleaning and maintenance or other essential services. We are looking to purchase a minibus to assist with transport.

Killy Cares will also provide practical support and specific goods like furniture items to local residents or other local charities caring for the homeless and especially youth at risk.

The full range of Killy Cares' purpose and objects are contained within its Constitution which will be available to members following the forthcoming launch.

The steering committee has observed that there are enormous resources within the Wagstaffe to Killcare peninsula which include retirees with wonderful practical and professional skills. There is also a generosity of spirit among the local residents and a desire to assist those less advantaged. The committee believes that the success or otherwise of the proposed charity will depend on whether Killy Cares is able to harness the enormous existing resources available and channel them and this generosity towards positive charitable outcomes. "We recognise that everybody is busy with their own lives but we are providing a platform through Killy Cares so that interested people may become a member and assist, as and where their particular contribution is relevant." There will be an initial membership fee and a smaller annual fee for those wishing to join in this marvellous cause.

Channels for contact will soon be established, but in the meantime further information is available from Sarah [0448 822 225], Cathy [0414 241 005] or Stephen [02 4360 1293].