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Next Meeting – Hardys Bay Residents Group

Next Meeting

Hardys Bay Residents Group Inc.

Notice of Meeting

Next Meeting: Tuesday 19th September
Place: Killcare Surf Club
Time: 6-30pm-9pm

Please note this meeting will be held at the Killcare Surf Club.

We are very excited to have such a prominent guest speaker, Mr Norman Koslowski, speaking on a widely discussed topic, “Energy” , there will be ample opportunity to ask questions following Mr Koslowski’s presentation.

The main topic for the meeting will be “Energy”.

We are delighted to have Mr Norman Koslowski as our guest speaker. Mr Koslowski is a Sydney-based energy consultant for Natural Solar, Australia’s first Tesla Powerwall installer. Norman has a keen interest in the political and technological developments that impact Australia’s energy generation and distribution.We may also be joined by Mr David Butler federal shadow minister for energy.
This is an opportunity to learn about sustainable energy options and future energy plans.

There will be updates on other issues the group is and has been working on,

Lots to talk about so come along and join us.

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