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Sailing adventures to Hardys Bay. – Hardys Bay Residents Group

Sailing adventures to Hardys Bay.

Hardys Bay is well known as a safe mooring for local, national and international cruising yachts; that is providing the Ettalong channel stays open!

The bay has seen a number of adventure cruising sailors; currently three well-known long distance cruisers reside in the bay.
“Risky Business” Barry Lewis’s Adams 13 which Barry and his wife have converted into a sleek cruiser, and having recently returned single-handed from New Zealand, Barry is now preparing for a trip to Vanuatu.

The Roper 43 “Affinity” built and sailed by Lee Roper, having been over to Tahiti via New Zealand and home via Fiji, Lee has done numerous trips up the NSW and Queensland coasts through to New Guinea. Lee is now preparing for his next adventure to the Solomon Islands.

These local yachts were recently joined in the bay by “Velvet” a Hallberg Rassy 42E all the way from Portugal. When Sydney builder Richard Westaway purchased her in Portimao Portugal in February 2013 he had little sailing experience but he did have the adventure lust. With his partner Saskia a beautiful Swiss lady who spoke many languages that would prove very helpful in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. they set off for Sydney Australia, first to the Canary Islands across the Atlantic to the West Indies and through the Panama Canal. The trips through the canal meant that three yachts were rafted together with “Velevet in the centre thus being the controlling boat with little space to spare through the locks.

Leaving her on the hard stand in Panama, Richard attended to some domestic issues, such as being best man at his mates wedding. Returning almost a year later to continue the voyage via Tahiti, the north Minerva Reef and onto Sydney. Richard tells of a number of experiences on this part of the voyage, as they approached the Doldrums through which you motor, the fuel tacks ruptured and Richard jury-rigged a fuel tank from his portable fuel drum supplies, filling it every two hours. The crossing to Tahiti took 49 days! Arriving in Sydney in August 2015, and deciding Sydney was not for them, Richard and Saskia moved to Avoca Beach where they are enjoying life with their 8-month-old daughter, as Richard prepares the boat in Hardys Bay for its next adventure to the Antarctic.